Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Color Inspiration

Lazy gals, rejoice!!!

Despite generations of women walking around with outgrown highlights, in desperate need of a haircolor..... it just recently became a trend in Hollywood. How convenient!  You've probably seen it in magazines and on blogs, but they like to call it "sun-kissed ends" and "ombre" rather than simply saying "be lazy about getting your hair foiled."  I like to call it more of a Carrie Bradshaw effect (which all started... 14 years ago!).

I don't think anyone took this trend as seriously as party girl herself, Drew Barrymore.  Hers looks a bit more severe and not quite as pretty, wouldn't you agree?  (**update! Drew is now a redhead!!**)

And then there's Paz.

So.... what say you?  Do you like the trend? Hate the trend?  Any of the above pics you like more than the others?  I'd love to know what everyone thinks!



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