Saturday, February 5, 2011

You get what you pay for.

A woman came into the salon yesterday and told one of my coworkers that she "found" Moroccan Oil at Walgreens for $8.  She was super impressed with herself for her scouting out such an amazing deal.  "It's the SAME THING!"  Sure, dear. You're just the only genius who walked by the hair aisle at a drugstore.  So sleuthy!  (I'm going to venture to guess that Marge's discovery at Walgreen's was something along the lines of "Arabian Oil" or "Macadamia Oil".)

Just days before, our brand rep from Moroccan Oil said that old bottles of the product (that would normally be sent back to the manufacturer) were being resold at a cheaper rate on Amazon.  They even had old labels on them.

And speaking of reselling merchandise, you may have seen some Bumble products gracing the shelves of Target.  Yep, those are old bottles too.  Just ask the folks at Bb.

The point of all this?  The best salon products aren't available outside of a salon, and there's a reason: they are sold in a salon so that an expert has the opportunity to tell and show you how to use it, and if it doesn't work, you can bring it back and find something that does.

So if you want Aveda, Oribe, Bumble & bumble, Moroccan Oil..... don't expect them to pop up in the aisle at Walgreens (ahem MARGE), and if they do, you can safely bet that they are cheap imitation / reduced quality, and won't give you your money's worth.