Monday, October 18, 2010

Not just for pot smokers anymore...?

Ladies, I don't imagine that many of you partake in such activities these days, but why must you walk around with blood-shot eyes day after day?

This may not be as much a beauty tip but more of a hello! wake up! reminder that eye drops do exist and do work wonderfully to give you bright white sparkling eyes. And in mere moments! It's like what tooth-whitening does for your smile, but in .000143% of the time!

I will say that this step is highly recommended if you ever wear blue or green eyeshadow, as those will LOUDLY broadcast any redness in your eyes, and prompt your coworkers to ask if you've been crying.... (or getting high in the copy room!)

To summarize: eye drops=good.

Back in everything but black!

Ladies and gents, I have returned to blogging. I know, you're thrilled.

Since last you've heard from me, I've graduated my Cosmetology program at the Aveda Institute Minneapolis, and started work at Cole's Salon in Eagan. My training program is about 15 weeks intensive, followed by continuous mentorship and development throughout my career. It's a lot of hard work, still, but I'm filled with passion and motivation for this business! I can't wait to really truly hit the ground running with a schedule filled with friends, family, strangers, referrals - all with whom I would love to connect, share and serve.

Because of my passion, incredible amounts of learning, and love of sharing and educating, I've been itching to spread the wealth. Sometimes I opt to live a bit vicariously through a blogging comrad and personal friend, Beauty Bets, by leaving wordy comments on her posts, but my needs and yours are much better served through this lil' gem here.

So I'm ready with quite a few ideas for posts and should be plugging some out in the next few days for your enjoyment. If you have any particular inquiries or curiousities that you'd like me to shed some light on, say so in the comments below and I'll drum up a post for you!

Be prepared for AWESOME.....

Until next time,